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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remove from package... and other priceless tips for conusmers

So yesterday I was making some french fries for my kids--don't judge me!--and I wanted to check the instructions to make sure I had the temperature right... Lucky thing I did, because I almost did it wrong....

Remove packaging!?! Now they tell me! And all these years I've wondered by french fries were so popular. I always thought they tasted like melted plastic. Plus, I won't be wrecking anymore frying pans, so... BONUS!

I thought that would probably top the list of silly product instruction, but figured I'd take a second and look around the net to see if I could find other examples. Needless to say, I was surprised (though I really shouldn't have been)

Please read these and just stop doing it wrong already!

Really? Good enough for the toilet bowl, but not good enough for my skin!? Just how dirty do you think I am? 

 Wait... Dale, you're gonna have to get out of there. No, no, look at the label. See? Says right there this is one of them high spin washers. You might get hurt. Cmon, get out.

 Safety goggles when opening letters? I think STAPLES is being run by people who get some seriously aggressive hate-mail.

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I got for you today!


JeffO said...

Lawsuits and the threat thereof have yielded some pretty funny unintended consequences!!

Steven W said...

@JeffO - too true.

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