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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Hat-Trick Post... And a Free Book!

I don't always play But when i do, i score hat tricks - I don't always play But when i do, i score hat tricks  Berbatov Hat trick
Here we are, day three on the challenge and I'm surprised by how well it's going. I have a very real problem with over-thinking those things I toss out into the great expanse that it the internet, and it usually makes me just refrain completely from saying anything.

But that was the point of this challenge. Get outside myself. Write freely and not over think it. 30 days of posting means I don't have time for over-thinking things. I’m pleased to report that it *seems* to be working (but ask me again in 10 days)

Today’s an easy post. My update.

ABDUCTION (which is the working title for the second in my CAMBRIDGE FILES books) is written. Done, and done. I have completed one line-by-line pass of the manuscript, and have just started in on my second. After this round it’ll be off for one more beta-read, and then a proper copy-edit.

Then layout.

Then release.

Check back for more updates!

PLUNGE (Book 4 in my DEAN CURSE series). This book has been a long time in the making. I am not going to rush it, but I have tentatively committed to a 2015 release. More updates coming soon.

As I sign off, I wanted to give a quick shout out to another MG writer I know, Michael Blackbourn.
He’s running a limited time giveaway of his novel, CINDERCAST. It’s free. It’s on Amazon, and you can, Nay, SHOULD get your copy ASAP!

Here’s the link!


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