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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Likeable Characters (And creepy book gifs)

So often I hear people talking about books, and occasionally I’ll hear someone say they didn’t like the book because they just didn’t like the main character. They just didn’t seem like someone I’d like to spend the afternoon with.

Oh, no? You didn’t like them? The main character wasn’t someone you’d stay up with at night and tell your secrets to? You didn’t want to braid your hair with them? You don’t think they’d make a good wing-man?

Have you read GONE GIRL? That girl isn’t someone I’d want to see on the street in the middle of the day if I were surrounded by a team of Army Rangers and attack dogs. I pretty much hated every part of her. But I couldn’t look away while I was reading it. I was utterly captivated.

I read a great blog post on this very subject a few days ago and I’d like to direct you to it if I may. It’s written by uber-awesome literary agent Lauren Abramo at DGLM. Please check it out!

So what do you think? Do you prefer likeable characters, or do you love to hate the characters you read about?

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Hat-Trick Post... And a Free Book!

I don't always play But when i do, i score hat tricks - I don't always play But when i do, i score hat tricks  Berbatov Hat trick
Here we are, day three on the challenge and I'm surprised by how well it's going. I have a very real problem with over-thinking those things I toss out into the great expanse that it the internet, and it usually makes me just refrain completely from saying anything.

But that was the point of this challenge. Get outside myself. Write freely and not over think it. 30 days of posting means I don't have time for over-thinking things. I’m pleased to report that it *seems* to be working (but ask me again in 10 days)

Today’s an easy post. My update.

ABDUCTION (which is the working title for the second in my CAMBRIDGE FILES books) is written. Done, and done. I have completed one line-by-line pass of the manuscript, and have just started in on my second. After this round it’ll be off for one more beta-read, and then a proper copy-edit.

Then layout.

Then release.

Check back for more updates!

PLUNGE (Book 4 in my DEAN CURSE series). This book has been a long time in the making. I am not going to rush it, but I have tentatively committed to a 2015 release. More updates coming soon.

As I sign off, I wanted to give a quick shout out to another MG writer I know, Michael Blackbourn.
He’s running a limited time giveaway of his novel, CINDERCAST. It’s free. It’s on Amazon, and you can, Nay, SHOULD get your copy ASAP!

Here’s the link!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Doing Number Two... Wait... that's not what I meant...

Admittedly the title for this post could have been better, but as you all know I'm in the middle of a 30 day challenge (and by middle I mean practically at the start ... Day TWO to be precise), and if I'm going to pull this off, I need to be fast. There's no time for pondering better blog titles. 

So some time ago I did a post HERE and HERE about books that have some rather unfortunate covers/titles. People seemed to like it so as I step boldly into this 30 day challenge I thought I’d share a few more.


 I'm not sure about this book. On the one hand, it's about time these stinking kids and their sub-par art skills are brought to bear. But on the other, do you really want to put their thoughtless scribbles in a book that will probably last for generations to come? They are kids and we should encourage... blah blah blah... :P

Um, yes. Yes, I believe he does. Why? Because even if I didn't believe it, I would know better than to question the divinity or our feline overlords within a thousand meters of an internet connection. The net, as we all know, is governed by cat-loving psychopaths who flood our digital world with enough cat-videos to choke a pack of rabid Tibetan Mastiffs.
But let's be honest, shall we? Do pretty much anything on a horse and it becomes manly, right? Okay, anything within reason. Knitting, sure. French-braiding your own hair? Manly! In fact, I'd say the only thing that wouldn't be manly on a horse is macrame. Then again, macrame is only done by people who are bat-guano crazy. It has no place in a civilized world. 

If you don't follow the instructions EXACTLY as they lay it out, you can have a fairly large mess to clean up. Trust me!

Again with the cats. I have no comment.

What get's me is the by-line at the bottom. Why is your family running?  What exactly do you feed old tractors?

 Obviously. Nothing new to see here .

About time! I've been wasting time and resources on befriending others when I could... nay, SHOULD have been keeping the focus closer to home.

 Chapter 3: Bonding while enjoying the Coin-operated kiddie-rides at malls.
 Chapter 6: How to mug someone using a silver dollar and a free condiment from Burger King.
Chapter 11: Penny slots.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The 30 Day Challenge! (And Ninja Unicorns)

I’ve been challenged to write a blog entry a day for the next 30 days, and I’m going to give it a serious try. I tend to need challenges like this to hold me accountable. Plus, with the awesome weather we’ve been experiencing lately I feel invigorated (I know much of the country is buried in snow, and you have my sympathy).

However, doing this kind of blogging is going to mean I’m going to have to put aside my typical over-thinking attitude and just go for it. So apologies in advance for typos and any inappropriate posting. Here is a totally appropriate picture of a couple guys dancing that will kick this 30 day challenge off right. 

Oh, see? There I go already. That was inappropriate, and since I’ve committed to this 30 day thing, I just don’t have the time to remove it. Sorry.

I promise, future posts will include photos and gifs of people wearing more clothing. 

I'd also like to throw the challenge out to other bloggers who perhaps need the accountability/encouragement/threats of public ridicule for failure.  

So c'mon, who's with me? ..... *crickets*

Seriously, if you're with me, just comment with a link to your blog/website and I will be sure to dispatch an army of ninja-unicorns if you fail to complete the challenge...

*more crickets*