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Monday, October 27, 2014

An award... or two :)

This is a quick post to mention a couple things:

First, GLIMPSE, the first book in my Dean Curse Chronicles series won a couple awards. The first was second place in the Readers' Favorite pre teen fiction category:

And the second was the first place in the YA Fiction category from the Literary Classics:

What was interesting to me was the two different categories. I wrote my book with the younger YA audience in mind. I also write MG and so I know that there are different aspects that generally exit within the two categories, and I knew I was straddling a line in a way. In fact, I even market my books to the 10+ audience. But then, a lot of YA titles are similarly marketed.

It was interesting to see judges accepting the story in both the pre-teen and YA categories.


JeffO said...

That's great, Steve, congratulations!

David P. King said...

That's excellent, Steven. I am so stoked for you! :)

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