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Monday, November 11, 2013

It's a girl!

The title gives it away (as does the graphic), but yes, the baby came at long last, and it's a girl!

The crazy thing is, we were SURE we were going to have a boy. Not that we were told--not specifically anyway. We wanted the sex to be a surprise, but we were sure the ultra-sound tech spilled the beans accidentally, and so we had it in our heads that we'd have another boy.

It was a wonderful surprise to have a girl.  Actually, although I would have been thrilled to have another boy, I was secretly hoping we'd have a girl this time, so I'm over the moon about it.

We named her Aubree, and she's gorgeous. Mom and baby are both doing wonderfully.


Cheryl Clark said...


Steve MC said...

Congrats again to the proud parents, and very cool meaning for her name!

JeffO said...

Congratulations, Steve!

Avery Olive said...

Congrats! So happy for you, you're family is sure growing fast!

Julie Luek said...

Ohhh so sweet. A healthy new little bundle of tummy kisses. Congratulations.

Steven W said...

Thanks everyone! Funny how the hard part isn't so much adapting to a new baby, but rather helping my son adapt to no longer being an only child.

Thanks again!

June Bourgo said...

A little late with the congrats. What a lovely name you've given her. Wishing you and yours all the best in the new year.

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