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Saturday, May 25, 2013

News So Big It Needs Three Exclaimation Points!!!

I’ve been sitting on some pretty big news for the last couple months, but I’ve just been given the thumbs up to reveal it here. No, it’s not that I have developed an allergy to avocados, and no, it's not related to my books (though I might have some news in that regard in the weeks to come). This news is bigger than allergies, bigger than publishing contracts…

My wife is pregnant again (and it is currently the size of an avocado... apparently). I remember like it was yesterday when I posted about my wife being pregnant with my son, and how he was the size of a sweet potato. ( It will be my goal to come up with more interesting objects to use as size indicators this time around.

We haven’t decided if we want to know what it’ll be yet. We let it be a surprise the last time and that was pretty fun. I think we might do that again. It doesn’t really matter to us, and we’re not really big “planners” for that kind of thing, so knowing wouldn’t change much.

If I had to put my money on one, though, it would be a girl.

Monday, May 20, 2013

I Saw London, I Saw France, I Saw Switzerland's Underpants....and Monaco's too

Well I’m back. I didn’t have time to mention it before I left, so probably most of you are thinking, “Back from where? Were you gone somewhere?” 


When my wife got into school many moons ago, we knew it was going to be a long haul and we agreed that kids or not, when she was done we’d take a vacation somewhere she really wanted to go: France.

That day recently came, and of course, our thinking was, if you go all the way to France can you really not visit a couple surrounding places too? Of course not… So we did Monaco and Switzerland and London, too.

It was a great trip, and I have to say, as far as travel goes, those countries were among the easiest places I've ever traveled. Public transit was simple and reliable, food was great, costs weren't crazy . . . in fact, France was a lot less expensive than Canada.  Switzerland was the big surprise however. It was never on our list, and we likely never would have gone that way had we not had friends living there, but it was a highlight of the whole trip. Beautiful country (the Alps are ridiculous), wonderful people, heaps of history . . . plus, we sneaked into the United Nations, so that added a bit to the overall experience. Add to that the fact that chocolate is practically a staple, and you very nearly have heaven on earth.

My son was injured during part of our trip ( I should say it was during our infiltration of the UN, but it wasn't quite so interesting). He dislocated his elbow, but I suppose it could have been worse, and perhaps it was interesting to visit one of the hospitals in London . . . that is, if I really needed to find a silver lining there.

He's all better now, and couldn't have been more of a trooper. We rewarded him with some time in Paris Disney which he actually really enjoyed. I was surprised since he’s so young, but he giggled at the characters, and laughed on the rides.

Jet lag has tweaked my usual sleepless nights to even more sleepless nights, but that works for getting some writing done. I didn’t have my computer on this trip and I have catch-up like you wouldn’t believe.

Summer is usually the travel time for most people, so do any of you guys have trips planned?

PS - that's the Flag of Geneva above. Why don't cities in Canada have cool flags like that? I'll have to start a petition or something, see if I can't make it happen.