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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kiss a corpse, win a prize...

Friend and fellow blogger, Avery Olive, is celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of her debut novel, A Stiff Kiss. Yea, Avery! Way to go!It feels like just a year ago that your book came out . . . oh, wait . . . that’s what a one year anniversary is all about... um . . . yeah. 

She’s having a contest/giveaway and I have offered my humble abode/blog as one of the places she’ll be posting the details.  

I'll give you one hint though, all you're going to have to do to win this thing is break into a medical school, or hospital morgue, or graveyard, and take a picture of yourself kissing a cadaver, then.....---Wait, what's that? That's not what the contest is about? Oh.... so then if I already broke in to a medical school and took that kind of picture, that would mean ...... um, ... awkward....

Where was I? Yeah, yeah, I know, I said "contest" and "giveaway" and readers of this blog started salivating, and stopped listening. Pretty sure that's a mob forming outside. 

Let's get to it,shall we?

Take it away, Avery!


The Super Awesome A Stiff Kiss 1st Anniversary Contest

Welcome... Welcome! Please stick around and read today’s post ‘cause it’s a Winner! Hehe. Okay, so I thought about trying something a little different for this next contest. 

My goal is to try and get everyone involved more, while spreading the word about A Stiff Kiss. I know many of you might prefer the simple enter your email Rafflecopter, or leave a comment on a post... but I think, if people get involved, this will be a huge hit!

As an A Stiff Kiss Anniversary Participant, your goal is to get as many points as possible so that you can win the massive prize package I’ll be giving away.

But wait, I’m all about a pat on the back for participation, so I will be giving two smaller prize packages away to two random entrants, and... And... for everyone else, you’ll get a little something something too. So, if this works, everyone has the potential to receive some kind of goodie!!

Grand Prize includes:
1 signed and personalized paper copy of A Stiff Kiss (with a special note to the winner)
1 ASK Canvas Tote Bag
1 ASK T-Shirt
1 ASK Coffee Mug and set of coasters
1 ASK Mousepad
Signed Bookmark, postcard and mini poster

2 Participation Prizes include:
1 ASK Coffee Mug filled with Hersey’s Kisses
1 Set of ASK Coasters
1 ASK Mousepad
Signed Bookmark, postcard and mini poster

To see a picture of the prizes being offered, click HERE

Alright, let’s get to the fun stuff. I’ve created a list of activities, given each of them a point value and tried to come up with simple, easy to do and like I said, most importantly, fun things for you to accomplish. You will need to copy and paste this form, and fill it out in order to entered. All forms must be sent to no later than February 28th!

1.     Tweet about A Stiff Kiss. I’ve created a few tweets that you can copy and paste, or create your own.
Tweet 1: Who knew kissing a corpse would change everything? #AStiffKiss out now!
Tweet 2: Have you checked out @AveryOlive #AstiffKiss ?Happy one year book anniversary!
Remember to use @averyolive or the hashtag #AStiffKiss so that I can track your tweets! International readers may tweet in their own language, so don’t worry J

1 Point per Tweet and no more than 2 Tweets per day! Enter how many tweets you did here…
Number of Tweets:

2.     Post to your blog or other social media (Website, Tumblr and Facebook) You’re goal is to share something about A Stiff Kiss. It can be posting a review, doing a simple cover and blurb spotlight, it can be asking me to do an interview (send an email to if you’d like my help) You can re-use an old review, post or interview, however it must be imbedded into a NEW POST. You’re imagination should be put at use here, being extra creative is awesome!) Can be posted in your language of choice.

5 Points per Post. You can post a maximum of 3 times, at least one week apart but each post must be different. One post review, one post cover and blurb, one post something random like sharing with me your personal favourite cemetery…

Please include links to your post!

3.      Spread the love by sharing your A Stiff Kiss Review. Most people forget that there are dozens of places to share reviews. Posting one in a new place can help spread the word. Find a new place (like Goodreads, Barnes & Nobel,, YaCentral) and post your review!
5 Points for each new location you post your review! Please include links to your reviews J
Enter Links Here:

4.     Candid Camera! Take a photo of you (and others if possible) holding a copy of A Stiff Kiss, your e-reader with the cover (or opening page). If you see A Stiff Kiss in your bookstore, library, or own a copy, get as many people as you can into a picture! Don’t have a copy or ebook of A Stiff Kiss? That’s Okay! If you’ve been lucky enough to receive ASK Swag in the past, take a photo with that or print out this handy 8 ½ X 11 POSTER (colour or black and white) and use that for your picture!

10 Points for each photo, plus 5 points for each additional person within the photo! Follow me on Instagram—tag me in your photo—post it on Facebook, post it to my wall, share it on twitter with @AveryOlive or #AStiffKiss or send me links.

5      Poster, poster, read all about! Print out this handy dandy 8 ½ X 11 POSTER (colour or black and white) and post it all around your town. Tape it up anywhere you are allowed to—libraries, school bulletin boards, telephone poles, get creative!

10 Points for each poster you put up (with photo proof, see activity 5 guidelines on how to make sure your photo is seen if you are not sending me links)

6      Get your Library to get in on the fun! Many library websites have a “request a book form” so, fill it out and request to have them purchase a copy of A Stiff Kiss for their shelves or go directly into the library and fill out a form or talk to your librarian!

10 Points for each request (take a screen shot of your screen when making the request (screen shot how to info HERE)

7      Stage a spooky photo! Since A Stiff Kiss’ main character is all about cemeteries, I want you to go out and stage a photo next to a tombstone. I know, it’s a little morbid, but Xylia will love it. Use your book, ereader, poster or swag and capture it along with a tombstone, creepy statue—anything you can find at your local cemetery!

15 Points for each spooky photo (with photo proof)

8      Buy a Copy today! Don’t own A Stiff Kiss? Buy a copy (print or ebook) today for yourself, your friends, to donate to your library or giveaway as a gift. I recommend Take a screen shot of your order confirmation or a picture of your receipt.

25 Points for each book (or ebook) purchased—don’t forget that photo proof.

9      Write an article! This is a big one, it might be nearly impossible to accomplish, but I have faith in you! Write an article about A Stiff Kiss (or me, Avery Olive) and have it printed in your school or local newspaper. The article can be a review, an interview, whatever you can come up with!

30 Points for each article printed. Send me links or get photo proof!

The Wild Card! This is for you wild ones out there. Show me what you’ve got! This is activity is strictly for you to think outside the box! If you can come up with a fun, creative way to spread the word about A Stiff Kiss, show it to me!

50 Points I’ll need photo proof, links—anything you can throw me!

Just a little extra.
Can I personally use your pictures and post them on the internet?  Yes or No
Can I include your name when announcing prizes or thank you’s? Yes or No

Don’t forget to include your full name and mailing address because in my eyes, everyone is a winner!

Send completed form to  

That’s it, that’s all. I know, some are easier than others, but I think with a little planning and a little motivation, anyone out there can rack up the points!
Remember, for the ones that require proof, I need links provided or to be tagged on Facebook or Instagram, it posted on my wall or use @averyolive or #AStiffKiss so that I can see all your hard work!

For full contest details, rules and regulations, please visit HERE otherwise, get to work and spread the love of A Stiff Kiss!


Anonymous said...

OH GREAT! I didn’t read your hint before you scratched it off and went ahead and dug up a body at the graveyard. Now I have a cool picture and no where to send it.

HeHe. Very interesting title though. Modern sleeping beauty take? Perhaps with zombies? I think I’ll have to order this book.

spiderboy said...

Darn, and I had a picture of me and a corpse that I thouht Id findally found a use for

Steven W said...

@spiderboy & @Anonymous - I'm starting to question the kinds of people my blog is attracting :\ It might be time for me to invest in that dead-blot.

Avery Olive said...

Hehe. You guys are great. @Steven, I'm starting to wonder why kind of creepy fan following I've created... Next thing I know I'll have the cops at my door because I've created a cult of corpse kissing grave robbers!

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