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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I want you guys to try something . . . . Ready? Okay, so ideally you’d close your eyes and concentrate, but since most people have a difficult time reading with their eyes closed, let’s try this:

First, clear your mind. Blank slate time . . . ready? 
Imagine a desert scene.

Now imagine a cube in that desert. What does the cube look like? What is it made out of? Is it hollow or solid? Is it floating or firmly planted on the ground?

Now imagine a ladder. What is the ladder made of? Where is it in relation to the Cube? How many rungs does it have? What Condition is it in?

Now, somewhere in your scene there is a horse. Describe it? Where is it in relation to the cube?

Now you need to add some flowers. Where are they? What kind are they? Are there lots, a few, one?

Finally, somewhere in your scene there is a storm. Where is it in relation to the cube? Is it directly overhead, or is it off in the distance? Is it light or fierce?

****** Don’t read on until you’ve finished with the scene, this game only works once. Once you know what being cubed is all about, you can’t do it again.****** 

There, you’ve been cubed. Now for the explanation.

You are the cube. The cube is how you see yourself. Is it made of steel? Is it made of glass? Wood? Is it floating, not quite grounded, or is it on solid footing. Is it big, small, medium?

The ladder represents your friends. Is it made out of the same material as the cube? Do you find your friends are similar to you? Is the ladder old and worn, or new and shiny. Do you have friends you’ve had for years, or are your close friends those you’ve met recently?

The horse is your significant other (real or imagined). It’s how you see them. Was it a work horse? A pony? A stallion. My wife insists her horse was a three-legged, blind and deaf mule that was being led away by a farmer to be put down . . . but I’m pretty sure she’s done this game before.  was the strongest stallion in the land!

The flowers represent your kids. Real, or otherwise. Were there lots? Do you want/have a lot of kids? Are they far away from the cube? Are they grown and moved out, are you distant from them in some way? Or perhaps you see them as independent?

The storm is trouble. Is it off in the distance? Do you not have any major troubles in your life right now? Or is it overhead? Do you have a storm you’re working through right now?

Honestly, I’m not really into this kind of stuff normally. I remember when I first heard about being “Cubed.” It was while watching Serendipity back in high school. But then I found a book on it about a decade ago, and for some reason this morning I woke up thinking about that book and thought I’d cube you fine folks.

Actually, I think you’re going to have more fun cubing others than you will considering your own cube-ness. If nothing else, it’s kind of fun game. I do remember, though that I cubed a woman I worked with and she imagined a very small cube made of eggshells, and the horse came into the picture and just started tromping over the cube, stomping at it with its hoofs. As it happened, she wasn’t in a great relationship and was in the process of going through a divorce. I only mention it because give some thought to who you are about to cube and the group setting (if you're in a group) you're about to do it in. Some people might be overly critical of their answers and embarrassed (though they needn't be) for others to hear them.

One of the things I distinctly remember about the book was that the interpretation is multifaceted. A cube made of a weak material, for example, doesn’t mean a weak person - or needn't mean a weak person. Perhaps a cube made of glass indicates a transparent personality. You let people see you as you are. Perhaps a Cube that floats means you have an active imagination.Perhaps a small box indicates you want people to underestimate you. Maybe it's small but made of steel or diamonds. A worn, old wooden box might be someone with loads of life experience. A giant box made of egg shells might be someone who wants to appear strong, but is really sensitive . . . .

The interpretation of the scene is up to you. More than anything it’s an interesting way to look at yourself. Don’t put much weight into it. Have fun with it. I did it so long ago that I can’t remember my answers, and like I said, it doesn’t really work twice. You have to do it without knowing what it is you’re doing.

If you’re interested, the book I have on being cubed is this one.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blame the Mayans!

I’m going to blame my absence from the blogosphere on the Mayans. They promised the end of the world and failed to deliver! I was in my bunker (a.k.a. the trunk of my car), living on the four week supply of marshmallows and red bull I’d squirreled away. Little known fact about marshmallows and red bull, they’re not nearly as nutritious as you might think they are. 

*I am ignoring your blank stares*

Can you believe it's 2013? I’m not going to lie, 2012 didn’t go as I’d hoped it would, so I’m taking a mulligan. I think you can do that once in lifetime, like you can in golf (*disclaimer, although my golf experience has been limited to those pitch-and-putt courses, and mini-golf, I’m comfortable calling myself a “golf-pro” but I will put the term in quotes).

Also, since I’m garbage at keeping New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided this year I’m going to make a couple for other people.

I know what you’re thinking. “Wow, how very gracious of you, Steve.”

I know. *bows* I exist but to serve….

So here we go. *Ahem* New Year’s resolutions for others:

Frist, to the designers and manufacturers of microwave ovens. You hereby resolve to invent a silent version of the microwave. Why the buttons must beep when you push them, and why it must beep when the 30 seconds I’m using it has come to an end, is beyond me. Regular ovens do neither and we’re all doing all right with those, aren’t we? There needs to be, at a minimum, a toggle switch that can turn off the sound. How can I make smores at two in the morning without waking my wife if the buttons beep every time I push them?

Second, internet trolls. Those surfers who troll websites and message boards looking to harass, belittle or otherwise troll for conflict. Why do you do it? My resolution for you is to please treat your comments online as if they are not anonymous. Pretend you’re standing face-to-face with the person you’re talking to and type messages accordingly. There would be less bullying, and the internet would be a little bit of a nicer place to play.

Third, and finally, my resolution is for hearing-aids. Not that I want them to change, or anything, they do a great job! Rather, I ask for people to stop seeing hearing aids as the mark of the disabled. At least, not the mark of anyone more disabled than someone wearing glasses. I think it’s . . . let’s just say “odd,” that someone who wears a hearing aid is seen differently than someone who wears glasses. Did that sound like a rant? apologies!

All right, what about you fine folks? Any resolutions you’d like to make for others? I should warn you, though, that recent estimates indicate that this blog is being viewed by upwards of a dozen people (hold your gasps!) so if you post something you might want to keep it non-personal/specific – i.e. perhaps you want your mother-in-law to resolve to take up parachute-less skydiving, or your neighbor with the yappy dog to resolve to feed their mutt nothing but chocolate for a week. But those kinds of resolutions might not be best to put in writing.

Looking forward to the replies!