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Friday, November 30, 2012

I should have named my kid Rorschach!

Warning, I haven’t got a lot of sleep the last few days. My son has decided he must rise before dawn. I find my blog posts tend to be skewed towards peculiar when this happens . . . apologies in advance!

If you didn't know that a Rorschach test is an inkblot test, then you, sir/madam, have seen fewer court mandated psychologists than I have have not read the Watchman comic books.

As we all know, inkblot tests are windows through which psychologists see how much you truly hate puppies, or love Turkish delights, or secretly wish you were a fairy princess. gauge your true desires and motivations. 

Get to the point, Steve, what are you trying to say?

Ah, yes, indeed. . .

I’ve been taking my son to a play group some mornings, and I’m starting to think that “baby-babble,” that adorable nonsense that falls from the mouths of babies and toddlers like unfamiliar food, is a possible replacement Rorschach test for parents.

A bit of background information on my son: he’s 16 months old and doesn’t say a single coherent word. But at these toddler play groups many of the parents insist their kids are speaking full sentences . . . in English.

What’s more, they seem to think that I should understand what my son says, too. So many times I’ve been asked, “What did your son say? I couldn’t quite understand him.” To which I reply, “Huh? You couldn’t quite understand him? Does that mean you understood some of what he said? Should I assume my son learned Farsi when I wasn't looking? Because that’s what it sounded like to me. Sure as heck wasn’t English.”

I don’t have a lot of friends at these playgroups.

I'm no linguist, and maybe I'm not paying enough attention. Maybe there is real meaning behind my son's chatter. But it seems (much like a Rorschach test), what parents “hear” their toddlers say, is really what parents WANT to hear their children say. "What's that, Jimmy? You want to go down for your nap early? You want to watch another hour of Barney and Friends so daddy can get some work done? You want your mom to change your diaper? Ok, okay. If you insist.

Truthfully, I think my kid is just making fun of me. I think he’s saying, “Hey, this is what you sound like when you talk.”

Kind of like this guy:

Clip is of a music video performed in gibberish designed to sound like American English.


Donna K. Weaver said...

That's hiliarious. The babies get the entire body motion, tone of voice. Everything. Except the words. We used to call it the Adamic language, meaning what Adam and Eve spoke in the Garden of Eden. lol Yeah. Right.

Dana said...

Too funny! I remember those days. :)

Steven W said...

@Donna - :) I wish it was a language, maybe I could use that universal translator on the iPhone to figure out what my kid wants! LOL

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