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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aspiring Authors, Are We All Crazy?

What does it say about someone who will plop themselves in front of a computer for thousands of hours, drafting a manuscript that might never see the light of day? I’ve been thinking about that lately and I’ve decided there is a degree of craziness there. Anyone who has actually written a novel knows it’s not an easy thing to do. What’s more, I don’t know any authors who found an agent or a publisher who didn't have a few novels that never sold: “Trunked novels” as they are often referred. 

So what is it that makes aspiring authors push forward after they’ve trunked a novel that took them months to create? What makes them think, “This time will be different.”?

If you’re thinking insanity, you and I are thinking along the same wave-length.

And don’t get me wrong, I am among the aspiring authors with trunked novels. I have a couple of them. They are bound and gagged and locked in a trunk marked “SHAME.” If either one tries to escape I will hunt it down and kill it.

A couple months ago I finished my latest manuscript – which puts my novel count at . . . quite a few. Some trunked, others waiting to be hoisted on unsuspecting children.  And what did I do when I finished it? I immediately started in on the next one. Only one thing can explain an action like that. You guessed it . . . Insanity.  

So what motivates you? Why do you, aspiring authors, write?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

While you laugh, I cry . . .