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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Having a baby = reading more books than ever ... kind of

Yeah, I know, I've been absent lately. Good news: I've finished two more projects that had been kicking my butt for a while. Bad news: When I get on a roll with my writing, my blog gets neglected. I'll do better now. I promise ... (Note: it is unwise to believe a promise made by a guy who declares himself a professional liar. Just sayin')

Okay, on to the topic de jour: Books!

You’d think having a baby would mean I'd read fewer books. Not true. I read more books now than I ever did before. The problem, however, is that I don’t necessarily read the books that I would normally read anymore. But if we’re talking about books read in a strictly numerical sense, then I’ve never read so many books in any other time in my life. Just last night my son and I read four books together. Here they are:

That's right, board books. My son prefers to read them, and then chew on them for a while. I tried to do that too, you know, to add to the father-son bonding time, but I kept thinking about how many other kids have chewed on the books before me. A fact that doesn't bother my son in the least.

The best part is when people ask me if I've read any good books lately, I can say, "oh yeah, have you read Jump, Frog, Jump!" The ending will blow your mind!


Shell Flower said...

You should totally read the Hallo-wiener by Dav Pilkey. I see you are reading Christmas books in June, so the fact that Halloween isn't for awhile shouldn't stop you. I think it's the best kids book ever. I still quote it daily.

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

Awesome! It's wonderful that you're reading with your son. :D

JeffO said...

Nice to see you, glad things are going well.

I loved reading to my kids. Lots of good memories of all sorts of board books, and Dr. Seuss, and the Berenstain Bears, and etc. and so forth. The books are really simple (mostly) but there's such a lot of good fun out there. Enjoy the time, and keep reading.

Steven W said...

@Shell - Thanks for the rec. Indeed, the fact that Halloween is so far away won't stop me from reading a book about it. The fact that you call it "the best kids book ever," is actually making me quite excited to read it to my son. I'll tell you what i think after I get it.

@Lindsey - Thanks! I used to average 3 novels a week before my son was born, now I'm lucky if I get one novel ever 2 weeks. But I'm actually enjoying the picture books.

@JeffO - Thanks for stopping in again after my long sabbatical :) We read a lot of D. Seuss, but I totally forgot about the Berenstain Bears. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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