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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Having a baby = reading more books than ever ... kind of

Yeah, I know, I've been absent lately. Good news: I've finished two more projects that had been kicking my butt for a while. Bad news: When I get on a roll with my writing, my blog gets neglected. I'll do better now. I promise ... (Note: it is unwise to believe a promise made by a guy who declares himself a professional liar. Just sayin')

Okay, on to the topic de jour: Books!

You’d think having a baby would mean I'd read fewer books. Not true. I read more books now than I ever did before. The problem, however, is that I don’t necessarily read the books that I would normally read anymore. But if we’re talking about books read in a strictly numerical sense, then I’ve never read so many books in any other time in my life. Just last night my son and I read four books together. Here they are:

That's right, board books. My son prefers to read them, and then chew on them for a while. I tried to do that too, you know, to add to the father-son bonding time, but I kept thinking about how many other kids have chewed on the books before me. A fact that doesn't bother my son in the least.

The best part is when people ask me if I've read any good books lately, I can say, "oh yeah, have you read Jump, Frog, Jump!" The ending will blow your mind!