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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 . . . And what have I learned

The New Year is underway and I thought I'd share a few of my life-lessons of 2011.
  1. At the top of my list: Having a child changes everything. My son is five months old now and I love every minute of this parenting thing. But you simply cannot prepare yourself for what having a child does to you.
  2. The best way to be a writer is to write, and not talk about writing. What I mean by that is that there is no secret formula for writing a book. The only thing that works is sitting down in a chair and typing something every day. That’s it. Once I learned that, my manuscript completion rate doubled.
  3.  Don’t waste your time trying to find yourself. Finding yourself is nonsense. The person you want to be is not lost; they’re just waiting to be created. Get out that chisel and sculpting hammer, and get to work.
  4. Anonymity on the internet can be a great thing. But don’t shrug off all social graces just because you don’t have to look the person you’re addressing in the face. Be anonymous if you want, but be yourself. Don’t become a person everyone would avoid in public if they knew who you were.
  5. Read more books! They’re like vegetables for the mind. What? I’m a writer, how can I not encourage people to read more books!
What about you guys? What’s your top life lesson(s) from 2011? Throw them in the comment section below. I’d love to hear them. 

I wish you all the best for 2012 – let’s make this year the best one yet (and not just because of the impending Mayan-zombie-apocalypse on December 21st)


Carrie Butler said...

Great lessons, Steve! I second the second one. ;)
Best wishes for 2012!

April Plummer said...

I agree with everything you said! I have a 7-year old stepdaughter, and wow...the way my life changed. But I love her so incredibly much and wouldn't trade it in for anything. And yes to all of it! Especially #3. I hate that "I'm finding myself"

Anonymous said...

Great lessons! Especially #2--I've been slipping on that lately and definitely need to get back into a daily writing habit,

Rin said...

Those are great rules to follow! :) As for me, I decided to give up following most other formulaic resolutions - be happy and write's all the motto I need for this year!

Anonymous said...

a bit negative but - if you don't expect anything you will never be disappointed.

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