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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


That's right, today's LIFE LESSON is about luck. It's a quick topic, so this will be a short lesson.

Basically it's this: Don’t let anyone tell you luck doesn’t exit. If you run into someone who tries to regurgitate that mumbo-jumbo Oprah spewed about luck being opportunity meeting preparation, you have my permission to inflict bodily harm.

The truth is, luck is real and it might just save your life one day.

Case and point (click on the image to play the 6 second video):

Enough said!

So get a rabbit's foot, rub a genie lamp, follow a rainbow, pluck a four-leaf clover, kill a leprechaun (I think that's how you get luck, isn't it?) ... whatever it takes.

*Life Lessons are a series of blog posts I write about lessons I intend to teach my new-born son (once he’s old enough). These posts are like Post-It note reminders that I share. To see all the life lessons, click the “life lesson” link in the word cloud on the right.


LynNerdKelley said...

I definitely believe in luck! Yep, yep, yep! And that's a great video clip! Wow!

Steven Whibley said...

Lyn- I think that clip would make a luck-believer out of everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven, I enjoy your posts; they are very funny. I normally don't believe in luck (my friends make me walk away from them when they are at the casinos playing slot machines hee hee), but this post made me change my mind a little. I think I'll go pluck a four-leaf clover.

Keep smiling,

Steven Whibley said...

Thanks Yawatta, I'm a big believer in luck, though I tend to think it's a very rare thing: such as in the clip.
Thanks for stopping by

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