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Friday, November 25, 2011

NaNoWriMo Finish Line is Within Sight!

Five days left in the NaNoWriMo challenge, folks. Since this can be when people lose steam, I present a motivating clip for your viewing pleasure. DON’T BREAK THAT STRIDE!!!!

ALSO,  if you like books (and you better), I recommend that you stop by Avery Olive's website: She's a blogger-extraordinaire and 2012 debut author. She’s got some great interviews and giveaways lined up for that are worth checking out.

Now, stop procrastinating and get back to writing!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

As many of you know from my post here, where Jane Austen felt my wrath, Pride and Prejudice made me want to run naked through a forest of broken glass, and then dive into a pool of salt water. Pain, I thought, might be what I needed to purge the damage that Lizzy and her dim witted sisters had done to my psyche. wasn't my favorite book.

Well, the other day I was wondering through the rough streets of Victoria (yeah, they can get rough), and I was accosted by a shirtless hobo who called himself Madrid. Amidst Madrid’s nonsensical ramblings, I noticed a copy of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies tucked into his shopping cart. I gestured, and through a drunken rant he explained that the zombie version of Austen’s book could make right all the harm caused by  the non-zombie version.

With such a promise, how could I refuse? 

So, after a brief struggle with what turned out to be a surprisingly fit hobo, I had the book. I asked politely to borrow his copy and he obliged.

Indeed this is the way Pride and Prejudice was meant to be enjoyed. How Jane Austen missed the fact that brain-eating zombies were needed to make her book a true masterpiece is beyond me. 

If you’re a fan of gore, and zombies who occasionally (or often) consume people’s brains, and if you have a massively twisted bit of a twisted sense of humor, this book is for you!

*Disclaimer: The events mentioned in the above book review, may, or may not, have happened exactly as they were described. Madrid, the shirtless hobo, might be a character in one of the books I'm writing, and there may, or may not, be such a thing as a forest made of glass. This is the blog of a professional liar, after all!*

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My blog was down for a while – about two months. I tried to modify how it looked and ended up destroying any semblance of order. Comments became posts, posts became headers, and formatting was all over the place. After several days of trying to repair what I’d done, I decided to just scrap it, and start anew. So bit by bit I’ve been rebuilding and moving posts, comments, and links. I think I just about have it sorted out.

Lesson learned: No messing with blogger. I clearly don't have the skills to tackle this vicious beast.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


That's right, today's LIFE LESSON is about luck. It's a quick topic, so this will be a short lesson.

Basically it's this: Don’t let anyone tell you luck doesn’t exit. If you run into someone who tries to regurgitate that mumbo-jumbo Oprah spewed about luck being opportunity meeting preparation, you have my permission to inflict bodily harm.

The truth is, luck is real and it might just save your life one day.

Case and point (click on the image to play the 6 second video):

Enough said!

So get a rabbit's foot, rub a genie lamp, follow a rainbow, pluck a four-leaf clover, kill a leprechaun (I think that's how you get luck, isn't it?) ... whatever it takes.

*Life Lessons are a series of blog posts I write about lessons I intend to teach my new-born son (once he’s old enough). These posts are like Post-It note reminders that I share. To see all the life lessons, click the “life lesson” link in the word cloud on the right.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


If you read the title of this post and wonder if I’m trying out a new language, you’re probably not alone. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a time when aspiring novelists are encouraged to dust off the notebook, get a new chair for the office, grab a red-bull (or ten), and start writing that novel they’ve been thinking about and just never gotten around to. The goal is 50K words—which is lofty considering you only have a month.

Critics—there are a few—argue that NaNoWriMo only accomplishes one thing: The rapid production of several million poorly written words. There’s really no point in writing 50K words if those words are garbage. Right?

I do see where critics are coming from, but I don't entirely agree. In my experience, the hardest part of writing a novel is getting the first draft finished. The work isn’t done by a long shot. It would be a safe bet to assume you have another couple months of polishing and rewriting, but still, you've achieved, at the very least, a rough (perhaps VERY rough) draft. In fact, maybe all you've achieved is a very detailed outline. But if that's the case, you're still ahead of where you were, right? At the very least it's something to build off.

So if NaNoWriMo gets you sitting down to write, I say great!

But what about you guys? What are your thoughts? NaNoWriMo: waste of time, or effective means of getting a novel started?