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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Thanks to everyone who participated in the “CAN YOU FIND THE LIE” post (which I just linked even though it’s posted right below this one :P). I was quite impressed with some of the answers ... especially the ones that were thinking outside of the box. Well done. Unfortunately I'm not nearly as clever as you give me credit for. With twenty guesses, there were only four people who guessed correctly. The winners are listed below, and I've linked their blogs to their names. Well done, you guys. 

I'm not one to drag something out, so *drum roll* the LIE in the, "Can You Find The Lie" post was: #3 (I Was Attacked by Ninjas in a Ninja Village). As for the rest of them: All true. You don't believe me, do you? I sense your skepticism (and honestly, I don't blame you).  But here, I'll show you.

1. My name is Steven Whibley: TRUE.

2. I’ve been chased by a caveman: TRUE. In Turkey there’s a place called Cappadocia where people do indeed live in caves. Many of those caves have running water and electricity (many don’t), but they are caves nonetheless. There are thousands of uninhabited caves around the area and, one day while my wife and I explored a few, we accidentally stumbled into a cave that was occupied. The Caveman didn’t like having strangers wander in to his house. He chased us off.

3. I’ve been attacked by ninjas in a ninja village: FALSE. There are several ninja villages in Japan, and I was fortunate enough to visit one while I was there. At one point I did walk into a house within the village and ninjas fell from the rafters, popped up from the floor, rolled out of hidden wall compartments. It was like a ninja flash-mob, only with less dancing and singing.  That said, NONE OF THEM ATTACKED. Whew!

4. I traveled from Guatemala to Mexico with a group of illegal immigrants: TRUE. We didn’t know we were traveling with illegals until heavily armed Mexican authorities drove up (after we crossed from Guatemala to Mexico on a ramshackle boat), demanded to see documents and then sent everyone back to Guatemala. We (and I think 3 others) were permitted to stay since we had passports. It was the first time I’d ever had an assault rifle pointed at my chest (though not the last time).  

5. I’ve spent more than one night sleeping on a bench in a train station in a foreign country: TRUE. Not a very interesting story, but a true one.

6. I’ve eaten grasshoppers, centipedes, and a soup that contained several live fish: TRUE. Grasshoppers and centipedes are no big thing; lots of places have those critters on their menus. But here’s a link (LINK 1 and LINK 2  - neither of the links are great, but you'll get the idea ) to the live fish soup which, at least so far, I’ve only seen in Japan.   

7. I’ve swam with schools of full grown sharks and stingrays: TRUE. If you get the chance I highly recommend the experience. Location: Shark-Ray Alley, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

8. I’ve been attacked by a troop of monkeys: TRUE. To be fair, it was mostly my wife that got attacked, but when I came to help her they turned on me too. Location: Monkey Forest, Ubud, Indonesia.

9. I’ve had Dengue Fever: TRUE. Caught it in Malaysia. Very nasty illness, also called “Bone Break Fever.” I went from 175 lbs to 140 lbs ... No, I don't recommend dengue fever as a weight loss method. 

10. I snuck into the main temple at Angkor Wat(Cambodia): TRUE. It’s harder than you think considering how big it is. It was my experiences in Cambodia that inspired the plot for the book my Agent is going to be shopping around.

So there you have it. K. Turley, Nina Powers, Alex Cavanaugh, and JeffO guessed that the lie was my “Ninja attack” story, and so you four have earned yourself 10 points. As luck would have it, they’re worth double today, since it’s the day after Canada Day!  Don’t spend it all in one place.


linda said...

Wow, that's an incredible list! So many fascinating adventures. Must be awesome material for your books. :)

Ben Sloan said...

The only time in my life I've left the U.S., I went to Canada. For twenty minutes. I saw a moose.

Your life is much more adventurous! Interesting stuff, sir.

Carrie said...

Steven, how on earth are you still alive? Awesome list! :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Aw, dang. I was sure you'd been attacked by ninjas.

JeffO said...

Thank you, thank you.

It was a tough call between the ninjas and the caveman, but I figured, given the rest of your travels, finding a caveman wouldn't be too hard and, if you'd been attacked by ninjas, you wouldn't be here!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Was really hoping the ninja one was true...

Steven Whibley said...

I have sketchy internet for the next week, so my apologies for the tardy replies.

@Linda – I really do draw on some of those experiences when I write. Certainly the feelings I had, which, more often than not, was horror and confusion.

@Ben – ha! I’m jealous that you spotted a moose so soon after arriving in Canada. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve probably only seen three or four in my whole life.

@Carrie – How am I still alive? I credit serendipity and the lucky rabbit’s foot.

@Peggy and @Alex J. Cavanaugh – I will work on getting attacked by ninja’s so that the next time we try this I can throw it back in there and really confuse people. Any thoughts on what it takes to antagonize a ninja?

JeffO – good point, and might I say, well deduced :) I like to pretend that if they had attacked I would have been able to hold my own … well … that or that I would have been able to out run them.

Steven Whibley said...

Oh, and if anyone is ever planning to travel to any place that I mention in my posts, please, feel free to email me if you want a suggestion or two. Now that I have a baby on the way I suspect I'll have to live vicariously through others for a while. Plus I love talking about travels!

Jeff King said...

It was fun.

annie said...

Wow you've done a lot. I thought I had made a guess in your other post but I see that i didn't. I don't know why. I would've been wrong anyway since I was going to guess the Dengue Fever one. I knew a girl who got that and I think she almost died.

I hope you'll do another one of these guess the lie posts. That was fun.

Maria Zannini said...

Wow. I was grinning from ear to ear. You're a man after my own heart. Great list.

Libary girl said...

fun fun fun. thank you for doing this post do you have enough experiences to do a second round of Guess The Lie? I want to read more.

Sneha Sunny said...

lol.... lots of experiences you have.... i was out for some work with my mom so that day when you published that post i wasn't at home. Otherwise I would've participated.
Did you really ate centipede!!!! That's bloody disgusting!

LynNerd said...

I missed some of your posts. They're not showing up in my Google Reader. I'll copy and paste your URL so I don't miss any more fascinating posts. Wow, quite an amazing life!

Mahak Jain said...

Haha, reading this blog post reminded me of what it was like to read Glimpse the first time...thanks for the laughs (and gasps!).

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