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Friday, April 22, 2011

The sunlight! It BURNS!!!

I just crawled out of my dungeon office, after completing the second book in THE DEAN CURSE CHRONICLES, and it feels good to see the sun again. It’s not that this book was especially difficult to write, or that I struggled to finish it, it’s that there was a certain unspoken expectation (self imposed) that it had to be as good as, or better than the first one.  I haven’t heard back from the editorial department yet, so it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed the bar and my editor will let me know of her disappointment by sending a pack of blood-thirsty Tibetan mastiffs to my door (She knows I’m motivated by fear).

Despite the nervousness about how the book will be received by my editor (and if I need to watch my back for those dogs), I did feel a twinge of relief when the book was finished. Before I started I wondered if I was up to the challenge of creating a new book with the same characters. It was a bit like running in a race that maybe I wasn’t adequately trained for.  I’m sure my editor will request some revisions, but I am pleased that I managed to get ‘er done. 

Alright, no time to waste – my agent has a book of mine, that is part of a proposed series, and I want to spend some time fleshing out the outline a bit more before I start writing book 2.


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