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Saturday, February 19, 2011


There's an iPhone app that you can use when you're pregnant to track the stages of development for your unborn baby. It’s great for laymen like me who have no idea about this kind of stuff – and it saves my wife having to answer all my questions. The information is all right there at my finger-tips, complete with little diagrams and pie charts.

Apparently, and I’m sure you’ll find this very interesting, my soon-to-be-born child is presently the size of a “sweet potato.” A while ago it was a “grapefruit” and I distinctly remember the “olive” stage. I can’t help but wonder why, oh why, comparisons for unborn children are always food related. Why can’t it be something else?

There are other options; a size 7 sneaker for example, or a coffee mug, a cell-phone, a cell phone from the early 90’s … I could go on. I also couldn’t help but wonder if “food” is the go to description in other countries, and if so, what food do they use? Are doctors in Japan telling expectant mothers that their babies are the size of half a daikon? Do Malaysian’s use “langsat” as a reference? What about animals? Why not a mouse, or a kitten, or a puppy …. Okay, animals might be weird.

Still, I think we should at least push to have culturally relevant descriptions for these sorts of things. Being Canadian, I would like to see doctors tell expectant mothers that their baby is the size of a snowball, or a mitten, or maybe a bowl of poutine. Who’s with me?



spiderboy said...

HA ha. That's awesome. "lady, your baby is about the size of a large A&W poutine" I want doctors to say that to

Anonymous said...

Actually, in other countries, it's just the opposite: food is described in terms of a baby's body parts, as in, "wow, that cabbage is the size of a baby's head" or "I just ate an apricot the size of a toddler's fist."

Steven Whibley said...

I suddenly don't want my child wandering alone in a produce aisle :)

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